Nkoaranga Village

A tour will start after breakfast at your Hotel in Arusha. Nkoaranga village is at the base of Mount Meru and it is mostly dominated by an indigenous tribe of Meru people. This area is home to a local fair-trade coffee growers’ cooperative, built up of a group of small-farm coffee growers working hand in hand to build a maintainable, naturally grown, fair trade coffee business. The tour will take you to the coffee plantations where you can see different steps of coffee growing. You will learn on how coffee beans are peaked and collected ready to go through some process before roasted, grounded and carefully packed.

All profits from coffee sales, are to be presented to the local farmers for further investment in the project, and to build their increasing organic farming project. A plan for the next two years is to start with first organic bean harvested. After touring around you will then sit for lunch somewhere in the village before you return to Arusha. If you wish you can take a short walk in the village and a visit to local school or an orphanage.

Prices depend on the size of your group and are as follows:

1 Person

2 -3 People

4-6 People

7+ People

PRICE per person





What's included:

  • ◾ Private transport from your accommodation
  • ◾ Professional, English-speaking guide
  • ◾ Picnic lunch and Bottled Mineral water
  • ◾ All mentioned activities
  • ◾ All entrance fees