Night Game Drive

tarangire night game drive

The bush is a completely different world at night which is what makes night drives so special. A night game drive is a special safari on which you will encounter nocturnal animals such as hippos, lions, leopards, genets, porcupines, civet cats, white-tailed mongoose, aardvarks and cape hares.

Night game drive is one of the most popular and exciting activity on safari because you will have the chance to see predators that are on the hunt during the night hours and often sleep most of the day. Night game drives are not permitted in all national parks, Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park are currently the only national parks that allow this activity, an exciting once in a lifetime experience. So we use specifically designated parks, areas and private reserves.

We employ a unique open-sided safari vehicle which can be used in the periphery of the park. The vehicle is equipped with a special "spotter" seat at the front of the vehicle as well as a spot light. Night here is another world altogether, so you will be accompanied with armed park ranger. They’re compulsory on night drives and if you ask many of them are happy to give you a bit of an insight into their day to day life as a park ranger of an alien landscape waxed in silver moonlight. Ghosts of hippos emerge from the rivers, giant shapes of elephants melt into and out of clearings like silent battleships passing in the night, and the throb of lion roaring pierces the chilly black. Keep an eye out for eyes shining back at you from the spotlight, and watch for nocturnal creatures you won't likely find out during the day, like bush babies and porcupines.

Experience the thrill of a game drive at night under the stars. Many of Tanzania’s lesser seen creatures are nocturnal and are rarely to be viewed on day game drives. This is an extraordinary opportunity not to be missed. Travel in an open safari vehicle, with a canvas canopy, driven by a professional guide.

Night Game Drives are available in:
▹ Lake Manyara National Park
▹ Tarangire National Park

Sample Itinerary for Night Game Drive:
▹ Collection by your Safari guide from the Lodge or Camp at 8:00pm.
▹ Drive to the National Park Gate.
▹ Briefing.
▹ Switch to Open Safari Vehicle driven by a professional Guide and accompanied by an Armed Ranger.

Price is US$50 per person 
Apart from the above price you need to pay TANAPA night drive charge US$59 per person and park fee of US$53 per person for a day entry.