Maasai Crater

This is a dramatic topographical feature with steep falls that fall away into a lush green crater. The attraction of this walk is threefold: the exercise, the awesome views, and the opportunity to meet authentic Maasai villagers. If walking around the crater rim, we cover around 4.2 km, however, climbers will often want to descend to the crater floor, which may add another 3 km or thereabouts. Bear in mind that if descending to the crater floor, the return to the rim requires an ascent of 257 metres, which will normally take somewhere between 30-50 minutes an d is quite strenuous, dusty and exposed to direct sunlight with virtually no shade.

Prices depend on the size of your group and are as follows:

1 Person

2 -3 People

4-6 People

7+ People

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What's included:

  • ◾ Private transport from your accommodation
  • ◾ Professional, English-speaking guide
  • ◾ Picnic lunch and Bottled Mineral water
  • ◾ All mentioned activities
  • ◾ All entrance fees