Alex Benchea: The first blind climber from Romania.

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18 December 2019

Alex Benchea: The first blind climber from Romania

Alex Benchea is the first blind climber from Romania to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 m), the highest mountain in Africa.

He started the expedition on December 10 and reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro at 07:10 on December 15. His guide was Romanian climber Cosmin Andron. Alex Benchea announced his great performance on Facebook: “And I did it! Thank you very much Cosmin Andron, you are an extraordinary guide!”

Alex Benchea is a student at the Faculty of Geography in Cluj-Napoca and trains at the Climb Again club in Bucharest. He began his journey to Tanzania on December 10, with the aim to conquer Kilimanjaro together with guide Cosmin Andron. The project had a budget of EUR 8,000, with the money being raised from donations.

Alex Benchea brought proud to his country and set an example that, if you want then- you can get it. Because if a blind man can make the African highest Mountain Kilimanjaro then we can do it as well. He struggled a lot to survive in the peak of the mountain and faced altitude sickness but he tried to deny and direct his path towards the mountain. Now he created history and give us a path to climb more frequently.

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