10 Fantasies About Tanzania Safari That Are Simply Fiction.

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28 February 2020

10 Fantasies About Tanzania Safari That Are Simply Fiction.

If you love the idea of an African safari but aren’t sure if the stories you’ve heard are real facts or just a fiction about the Tanzania Safari Destinations which we read it on newspapers, journals and from other forms. Some tourists come to Tanzania with preconceived ideas based on other people’s opinions. We are surprised at many people to provide advice on things happening in a Tanzania safari and when we ask them questions, their reply is they have never been to Tanzania! They have based their opinions on what they have seen or heard from others, on TV, etc.

Here’s is a roundup of 10 common myths about safaris, along with the reality based on experience & knowledge of all such experts.

1. You Need A Lot Of Medication And/Or Vaccinations To Travel To Tanzania
There are places in Tanzania that are free from malaria so you can enjoy the amazing wildlife without the need for anti-malarial medication. Vaccinations for typhoid and hepatitis A and B are generally advised, but we recommend contacting your personal medical practitioner for more information on the status of diseases and infections in Tanzania.

2. Flights To Tanzania Are Really Long
It depends upon the flights that are used to reach Tanzania. Any traveller who is taking a flight from London to Zanzibar, Tanzania will take up to 11 hours and 45 minutes. Yes, some of the flights take a little longer.

3. The Lions (Or Other Animals) Might Jump In The Truck With You
Animals that are born inside the safari parks have become habituated to the presence of vehicles with people on board for over many generations. Now experts only recommend operators like us who employ highly skilled safari guides and staff who are concerned about strict safety standards.

4. There’s No Wi-Fi On Safari
It is another wild myth that doesn’t hold any strong reason. This is Africa of the 21st century. It is no more the place where people used to live in absolute misery and violence. Even here roots of development are taking place and many cell phone towers have been erected tactically in order to give better communication & internet-based signals.

5. Tanzania Safaris Are Expensive
Tanzania safaris are not expensive because explorers have a choice of choosing a package that is affordable to their budget. They can even tailor-made their packages to enjoy various Tanzania Safari Destinations.

6. Tanzania Isn’t Safe
Yes, most parts of Africa used to have a turbulent period. But now things have changed. While visiting Tanzania Tours And Safari , you don’t have to worry about safety because countries like Tanzania & Kenya now have stable governments and a good administration to control crime in their region and established a strict rule.

7. Safaris Are Not A Good Option For Single (Particularly Female) Travellers
It is just a baseless accusation rather than just a myth to malign all the Top Safari Destinations in Tanzania. Safaris can be ideal for single travellers, especially for women. Here, they will get a good mixture of morning and afternoon safaris, all-inclusive meals in camp, and excursions to local schools as well as NGOs gives guests plenty of shared experiences and lots to talk about with their fellow travellers.

8. Kids Will Be Bored
No, they will not! Kids will just get excited to visit the wonders of African wildlife. What they can’t learn through just mugging books can be able to learn a lot while on their initial Tanzania. There’s nothing like experiencing the mystical African bush and watching leopards, giraffes, elephants, lions and the large hordes of wildebeest engaged in the great migration. Kids will also get to visit rural villages and see how they are contributing directly to the protection of wildlife and local communities.

9. Safaris Don’t Cater For People With A Disability
A lot of lodges we work with lend a hand for travellers with a disability, assisting them to get access onto the safari vehicle, private guides and vehicles, accommodation and access to public areas.

10. Safari Camps Are Uncomfortable
No, they are not. People will be staying in comfortable lodges or luxurious camps in amazing locations overlooking rivers, bush, plains and watering holes, with the sounds of the Tanzania wildlife night and day.

There is nothing to fear about Tanzania Safari Destinations. Several African governments, their tourist ministry & departments and wildlife authorities have worked a lot to create a stable environment where people from abroad will not have to pay any problems.